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Forest Unisex Kids Pyjama Top
349,90 ₺
Forest Unisex Kids Pyjama Bottom
349,90 ₺
Kids Home Wear
In order to feel comfortable and move comfortably at home, home wear choices are very important. Hibboux shows the necessary importance to flexibility, comfort and health in the home wear models it produces with care. With the Little Hibboux collection specially designed for children, the comfort and health that parents expect are provided with first-class materials, while quality products with flexible structure offer children the freedom of movement they want.
It is Possible to Be Healthy While Living Comfortably
Pajamas, the most important part of home wear, are one of the most important factors for a comfortable and deep sleep. It is essential for children to fall asleep easily and sleep uninterruptedly for their development. As a parent, you can easily ensure that they are healthy and comfortable with Little Hibboux children's home wear products. Comfortable models are complemented with fun designs that your child will not want to sleep without wearing. The long folds and fine stitching technique applied on the sleeve and hem details of the pajamas provide a comfortable use, while at the same time, the inner seams are fixed and the possibility of irritation of your child's sensitive skin is prevented. Thus, children can feel very comfortable and happy while living their dreams in dreams.
Comfort and Happiness with Home Wear
When their wide imagination is combined with their good energy, children are constantly on the move. The clothes they wear should adapt to this active life. The elastics used in the waist and wrist parts are thick and soft and are more comfortable than thin elastics. These special tires, which provide comfortable movement for the child, also prevent irritation and marks caused by excessive pressure. Thanks to the long-fiber and high resistance yarns used in the weaving of children's home wear models, the fabric texture always remains the same softness and no deterioration occurs on the surface. The abrasion resistance of the yarns is also very high. Thanks to all these unique features of the Little Hibboux children's home wear collection, children can move as they wish and parents do not have to worry about wear and tear.
Designs are Durable, Long Lasting and Ready for Any Situation
Little Hibboux, which draws attention with its wide age range for children aged 3-12 children's pajamasmodels are also aware of washing problems that parents don't want to face. Little Hibboux, which finds solutions to the problems that will prevent healthy use and comfort, is also prepared for the problems that may occur after washing. Fabrics woven with yarns of different lengths and thicknesses are prone to pilling after the first wash. Thus, the share of wear and tear is much higher in products with reduced washing resistance. While the pilling problem is already difficult to solve, the quality and duration of use decreases significantly with the wear problem that occurs with subsequent washes. Thanks to the quality yarns used in Little Hibboux children's home wear models, pilling is prevented and long service life is achieved.
The Best Choice for Your Children
You can instantly have unique pieces for him by adding the products that give life to the Little Hibboux collection with their unique designs in the children's home wear category to your cart. In the light of all these features, you can buy children's home wear collection models with Hibboux assurance with peace of mind.

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