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You have a 30-day trial period for the Hibboux Baby Quilt. Unconditional 100% Money Back Refund if you are not satisfied.

Hibboux is the first choice of parents who prefer quality and naturalness. Because all products are carefully produced for your baby to start the day cheerful with an uninterrupted night's sleep. Our baby quilts do not contain any chemicals or carcinogenic substances, allowing your baby to warm up without sweating. In addition, with the naturalness of the materials that make up its texture, it removes the possibility of allergies and itching from your baby.

May the Most Beautiful Dreams Be Theirs...

Little Hibboux'nun tüm çocuk yorganları, ailenizin minik üyesi için rahat bir uyku vaadediyor. Its durability will make you happy and its comfort will make your baby happy. Wool, cotton, bamboo, Tencel for your baby or you can choose a fiber baby comforter. 

Wool baby quilt is 100% natural. Our wool products are also Woolmark certified. This quilt keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer and maintains your baby's body temperature balance.

Cotton baby comforter can be indispensable for a comfortable sleep with its soft texture and superior air permeability. Moreover, it is made of 100% natural cotton and does not restrict your baby's movements thanks to its light weight.

Bamboo baby quilt has fabric and filling produced from bamboo fibers. It absorbs 40% more water and prevents waking up in sweat. Thanks to its texture and softness close to cashmere, your baby provides a pleasant sleep.

Tencel baby quilt; It is a children's quilt model produced from a durable fiber type. Tencel with high moisture and air permeability quilts have the ability to delay the formation of bacteria. It offers your baby a hygienic sleep as there is no bacterial growth.

Dacron Duo fiber baby quilt Suitable for machine washing at 60 degrees. Duo polyester is a technological polyester with both the Oeko-Tex Quality Certificate and the EcoLabel European Environmental label. The environment and any living creature are not harmed in the production of this polyester. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and this has been proven by tests. It is a highly preferred fiber in baby products because it is very light and soft.

Hibboux Cares About Your Baby's Health

Children are the purest and most innocent beings in the world. It is the biggest responsibility of their parents to try to ensure their development in the best way with the use of pure and natural products just like them. For a comfortable and peaceful sleep, it is important that the children's quilt you cover your child with is pure just like them. Wool products are also Woolmark certified. In addition, the Dacron Duo baby quilt is eco-friendly with the Ecolabel Certificate. Hibboux guarantees your baby's health with baby quilt models with all these certificates.

The Right Choice for Uninterrupted Sleep

A healthy sleep is very important for your baby's mental and physical development. Choosing a quilt is one of the most important details for a healthy sleep. You can choose between different Hibboux baby and children's quilt options for your baby to start the day cheerful and full of energy. In addition, thanks to the product range in different price ranges, you can reach excellent quality at accessible prices.

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