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We do not have a domestic store, you can buy all our products from our website. We stand behind all our products. For this reason, we give our customers a trial period of 365 days for adult mattresses, 100 days for baby mattresses and 30 days for all other products. For products with a break-in period, you can return your product after this period.

No refunds are available during the familiarization process.

There is a 30-day adaptation period for baby mattresses and a 60-day adaptation period for adult mattresses. The mattresses you have purchased cannot be returned within this period. Hibboux reserves the right to make a 25% deduction in case of return.

We deliver your products to your door with reliable cargo companies.

750 ₺ and above all your orders anywhere in Turkey (villages, towns, etc. except for places that are not district centers) we deliver without shipping fee. For orders under 750 ₺, there is a fixed shipping fee of 49,90 ₺. We work with Domestic cargo for the delivery of home textile products. In mattress shipments, we provide services within Istanbul and in other provinces with Horoz Logistics.

In the return of home textile products purchased with the free shipping campaign of 750 ₺ and above, if the remaining basket amount of the returned product is less than 750 ₺, the shipping fee is deducted from the product price to be returned and the refund is made to you in this way.

We offer a trial period of 365 days for adult mattresses and 30 days for home textiles.

We argue that you will not be able to tell whether the mattress you try in stores for a limited period of time is suitable for you. For this reason, we offer our customers the opportunity that no store provides. We offer 365 nights for adult mattresses, 100 nights for baby mattresses and 30 nights for home textiles.

If you are not satisfied, please contact us by mail or phone

If you are not satisfied with our product during the trial period, you can start your return process without any explanation. For return procedures or write to us via whatsapp or send an e-mail to (216) 309 60 00 You just need to contact the Hibboux authorities by phone.

We deliver products to your doorstep with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

For all returns you make by contacting Hibboux officials, the shipping cost belongs to us. Returns that come to us without notification are not accepted by us. It is very important that you inform us for your return process to work in a healthy way. After the product is returned, your refund will be made to you within 3 business days without interruption.

In case the returned product is sent incomplete, a fee deduction may be applied on the return.

The return of the product delivered to you in full after your order must also be made in full. During the return, the fabric packaging of the products must be placed in the return package. For mattress returns, you must put your product in the additional nylon packaging inside your mattress, close it tightly, and hand it to the incoming cargo officer.

10 Years Spring, 2 Years Product General Warranty Terms

  • Spring carcass unit malfunction.
  • Side seam ripping and tearing determined to be caused by production.
  • Any damage that causes the mattress to collapse more than 5% depth, unless an unsuitable or unsupportive base is used as described in the Hibboux user manual.
  • Physical deterioration resulting in breakage or damage to the inner layer materials, even when the Hibboux is used and maintained in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Subject to compliance with the user manual, bearings that reach dimensions outside the tolerance range of +/- 2 cm in width or +/- 3 cm in length are covered by the warranty.
  • If the mattress has a cover, manufacturing-related damage to the cover fabric or zipper structure will be covered under the warranty. The warranty covers only the replacement of the damaged cover with a new cover. Any damage to mattress covers is not subject to replacement of the purchased mattress.
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