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About Us

Hibboux is the brainchild of two siblings that saw beyond counting sheep and lullabies. Being brought up and educated between Turkey and the USA, as well as travelling extensively, has gifted siblings Serhan and Şölen with a multi-faceted cultural sensitivity. Understanding different people allows you to feel for them; and this will prove to be a motivational engine for them throughout their young adult life and a founding pillar of Hibboux.

Meanwhile, Serhan and Şölen’s home life exposed them from a young age to the bedding industry as their family founded a business in central Turkey; building a mattress company into a public corporation producing and selling bedding and furniture internationally. Witnessing, as well as experiencing first-hand the development and growth of the Yataş company, now a key player in its sector, has given them invaluable know-how and vision.

Together, this sensitivity and experience allowed Serhan and Şölen to see a gap in a market where all brands tend to blend into one another. Not only through its products and services, but also through its outlook on the customer and the environment, Hibboux is the result of seeing the bigger picture and wanting to take things to another level.

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