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Hibboux is a concept sleep brand created by two brothers who see sleep beyond lullabies and counting sheep. Serhan and Şölen are the second generation owners of Yataş, which has been serving in the field of bedding and home textile products in Turkey for 42 years. For this reason, their intensive business travels gave them the opportunity to meet different cultures and work with different people. In this way, empathizing with people and understanding how they feel has opened a whole new door for them. They realized that we all need healthy sleep, but none of us even realized it, and thus the first steps of the Hibboux sleep world were taken.

Their family's work for Yataş introduced Serhan and Şölen to the sector at a very young age. Having both organic family ties and commercial ties in a brand that they followed all the way from its establishment to its development gave them a broad vision and invaluable experience.

All these developments enabled Serhan and Şölen to see a gap in the large and mixed market they were in. The Hibboux healthy sleep concept was created as a result of seeing the bigger picture not only in terms of product and production but also in terms of customer service, service quality and environmental perspective.


Şölen Altop

Serhan Sinan Altop

Hibboux's mission is to improve the quality of your sleep by improving the factors that affect your sleep. For this very reason, it has created the "Sleep Elements" series inspired by nature with an understanding that cares about human health and uses environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

In addition to its products and services, Hibboux aims to reach everyone by offering this high standard sleeping world with an accessible price policy.

Because healthy sleep is the foundation of a fit life and everyone deserves to sleep well!


Appealing to both adult and child/infant groups, Hibboux products include products such as mattresses, pillows, quilts, comforters, duvet covers, sheets, towels, pajamas. These high quality, certified products are realized with simple and modern designs. Thus, attractive packages for every age group are presented to our customers with creative designs. All of our products, whose design and development process belongs to the Hibboux team, are produced in Yataş factories exclusively for our brand.

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Hibboux Values

Healthy Sleep

We make healthy sleep accessible for everyone with our products inspired by nature. With our Sleeping Elements-Sleeping Elements concept, we do not limit the quality of sleep only with a technological mattress, we add health to your sleep experience with all our products from duvet covers to quilts.

Animal-friendly raw materials

We respect the right to life of every living creature. For this reason, we do not include products such as goose feathers, silk, leather and hides in our range. We adopt an animal-friendly approach at every stage of production, from R&D studies to packaging.

Certified products free of harmful substances

Our products do not contain any chemicals that may harm health. We bring the peace of nature to your home with Hibboux products with the resources offered to us by mother nature.

Inspired by the latest technology

We use innovative fabric, spring and sponge technologies in our mattresses. We have developed our mattresses to bring your sleep quality to the ideal level by calculating factors such as hardness level, comfort, heat management, humidity and hygiene down to the finest detail.

1- Buying a mattress online?

It is not our habit to answer a question with a question, but is it possible to buy a mattress in the actual store? If you say you can't buy a mattress without seeing and touching it, you won't know what you are buying until you sleep with that mattress for a few nights, even if you touch it until the morning. That's why the mattress is actually bought from our site, which offers you the opportunity to try it for a long time.

2 - Let's say I don't like the mattress I bought from you. What happens then?

You will have 365 nights to decide whether you like it or not, not just a few minutes! Instead of trying a mattress in the store for just a few minutes, buy from us and you'll have 365 nights to try it out. If you want to return it, we'll come right to your door.

3 - What problems will I face when I return it, what are the endless conditions?

It's upsetting for us if you say you don't like this mattress, but it's enough for you to return it. We are not looking for any return conditions. You just let us know that you want to return it and we take it back immediately without asking why.

4 - Returning the product you buy online is already a problem, how can I send back the whole bed?

Look what you're worried about! You don't return it, we take it back. Just like we bring your bed to your doorstep and set it up, we'll fold it up and take it away... You just have to decide whether you like it or not. But the statistics say 98% of the time you will.

5 - Let's say I love my mattress and don't want to return it. What if something goes wrong with my mattress after the trial period?

Trial periods are only for unconditional returns. In case there is a problem with the product you purchased from us, we give a 10-year warranty on the springs used in our mattresses for 2 years.

6 - Do these return and warranty conditions only apply to mattresses?

We do not discriminate between any of our products, they are all our products. Of course we are very confident in all our products. We also offer a 30-day unconditional return guarantee for all home textile products.

7 - Let's say I bought a product from you. But I realized I chose the wrong product. What happens then?

What the hell, who among us doesn't make mistakes? If there is a product that you want to change rather than return, we will change it instantly within the specified periods.

8 - You are quality, healthy, natural and environmentally friendly. Shouldn't your products be more expensive?

In fact, we have given up the things that cost you money. We don't have a store, we don't pay rent, we don't have store employees, so we don't have salaries and insurance, we don't use electricity-water-natural gas... Since we don't reflect the money we don't spend on you, we can offer quality and healthy products at affordable prices.

365 Day Trial for Peace of Mind!

You have exactly 1 year, 365 days or 8760 hours to decide...

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