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Vogue Towel
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Vogue Hand Towel Set of...
349,90 ₺

Are you ready to pamper yourself and your skin with Hibboux towels, which are always soft with their 100% cotton texture and double layer structure while washing your hands and face to start the day fresh in the early morning? If you are looking for the best for your skin, Hibboux is the right option for you, produced using cotton with long, strong and durable fibers and thus soft.

Health Friendly and Respectful to Nature
You can use Hibboux towel models produced in different sizes in your bathroom and kitchen. You can choose 30x50 cm as hand towels, 50x90 cm as face towels and 90x150 cm as bath towels. With these sizes, they are wider than standard models and are carefully prepared to provide you with ease of use. All of them are made entirely of cotton and have the OEKO-TEX 100 standard quality certificate. It does not contain any substances that may be harmful to human health and ecological balance. It is registered with this internationally recognized certificate, which expresses trust in textiles. Thanks to their extra absorbency, the water absorbed during drying is quickly released into the air and the risk of bacterial growth due to moisture is minimized. They are very thick and very soft thanks to their 610 grams per square meter cotton weave. Thanks to the double-layer structure, they can be washed over and over again. Thus, they can be used for a long time and you can enjoy the softness of Hibboux towels for many years.
The Right Choice for Sensitive Baby Skin
It is very important for families that babies' skin is not irritated and does not come into contact with any fabric that may be harmful to the skin. Hibboux baby towels with various color and pattern options are specially designed to protect the softness of your baby's skin. With 340 grams of cotton per square meter, you can gently dry your baby's delicate skin after every bath. In addition, thanks to the head drying part, you can wrap your baby's head at the end of the bath and prevent it from getting cold. To take care of your baby's skin from the first day, you can see the models that can be used for both baby girls and baby boys among Hibboux baby towels.
Discover the Most Stylish Sets to Complete Home Decoration
Towel set types come to mind first in bathroom decoration. You can easily use them not only for drying but also for decoration. You can also use these decorative products as guest towels and host your guests in style. You can easily use Hibboux hand towel types, which have unique borders with various color options, as kitchen towels. Hibboux ürünleri kaliteyi esas alan modeller, şık tasarımları, tarzları, doğaya ve insan sağlığına olan olumlu etkileri ve fiyat-performans dengesiyle bir adım öne çıkıyor. Siz de hem cildinizi kurularken en sağlıklı ve güvenilir ürünleri kullanmak istiyor hem de banyonuz ve mutfağınız için dekoratif alternatifler arıyorsanız, beğendiğiniz ürünleri Hibboux kalitesi ve güvencesiyle satın alabilirsiniz.

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