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You Hybrid Mattress | Customizable

14.599,90 ₺

Create your bed freely according to you! Choose the firmness and fabric according to your personal preference. And with a 365-day return guarantee.

Extra 5% discount for payments by money order.

You Mattress Series

Visco Katman
  • 26 cm Height
  • Cover Option
  • Firmness Option

You Visco Pro

Visco Katman
  • 30 cm Height
  • Visco Comfort Layer
  • Firmness Option

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Mattress Cover Options

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● Tailored Support and Reduced Motion Transfer Through the Pocketed Coil System
● Three Levels of Firmness, Customized by Varying Spring Diameters
● Easy transportation and installation thanks to rollpack form
● Fabric Technologies That Can Be Adapted to Individual Preferences
● Convenient Cleanliness with a Detachable and Washable Cover
● Mattress Height: 26 cm (+/-1).
● Offers a 365-day trial period and a 10-year warranty on the spring framework.
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For orders placed from any province in Turkey (excluding non-city center locations like villages and towns), your bed will be dispatched via Horoz Logistics. It will be shipped within 3 working days. To inquire about shipment tracking, please reach out to our customer service team.

Every adult mattress comes with a 365-day trial period. However, there is a mandatory adjustment period of 60 days during which returns are not accepted, as this is the period your body takes to acclimate to the mattress. Should you opt to return the mattress within these initial 60 days, Hibboux reserves the right to apply a 25% deduction from the refund amount. From the 61st day onwards, you are eligible to return your mattress without any cost being deducted. For the first return after 60 days, there is no deduction. Our company covers the return shipping fees. For more information Warranty and Return page.

Three payment installments available on all products, with no interest added.

The detailed installment plan can be reviewed on the basket page and during the payment process.

  • Air out your mattress for 24 hours immediately after unboxing.
  • Place your mattress on a supportive base, bed frame, or similar flat, sturdy surface.
  • Since our mattresses are designed for use on one side only, avoid flipping them over. Instead, rotate your mattress 180 degrees from foot to head every 3 months.
  • For transport or storage, ensure your mattress is kept in a horizontal position, rather than standing upright.
  • To clean your mattress, gently wipe it using a cloth dampened with warm, soapy water.
  • Avoid using a soaking wet cloth, as it can hinder the drying process and potentially wet the internal layers.
  • Steer clear of using bleach or any bleach-based products for cleaning your mattress.
  • Ensure your mattress is fully dry before using it again after cleaning.
  • Make it a habit to air out your mattress periodically.
  • For further guidance, you can consult our mattress user manual by following the link provided below.

Usage Guide

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You Hybrid Mattress

What's inside?

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Choice of Fabrics
Select Your Firmness
Package Spring System
Edge Support
cover type Probiotic
cover type Energize
cover type Fresh

Innovative Hygiene

Employing Purotex technology, natural probiotics are encapsulated and released through friction from the very first use, actively enveloping your mattress. These healthy probiotics, similar to those found in yogurt and kefir, remain effective even after washing, ensuring long-term hygiene without the use of chemicals.

Natural Mite Defense

The fabric's probiotics act as a natural defense, consuming the nutrients mites rely on, thereby preventing their formation. Since beds can harbor mites feeding on dead skin, hair, and dandruff in humid conditions, this probiotic action curtails the habitat for dust mites, reducing the risk of allergens.

Allergy Protection

This technology provides an effective barrier against allergens, particularly beneficial for pet owners. By consuming pet dander and hair, the friendly bacteria within the probiotics preempt mite formation, thereby reducing allergens from pets and ensuring a hygienic, comfortable sleep environment.

Infrared Ceramic Fibers

The fabric is engineered with flexible, breathable fibers infused with infrared ceramics, which activate upon absorbing body heat. These fibers then release energy back to the body, leveraging infrared rays' benefits. Such rays are known to alleviate joint discomfort, aid in post-exercise recovery, and stimulate the production of skin collagen, providing a therapeutic and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Vitalize Technology

Designed for individuals who embrace each day with vigor, Vitalize technology is the optimal solution for those dedicated to their work, leading an energetic lifestyle, engaged in sports, and valuing the rejuvenating power of sleep. This technology assists in recuperating lost energy throughout the day, ensuring users wake up refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. Exclusive to Hibboux in Turkey, this fabric offers a multitude of advantages, enhancing sleep quality for peak daily performance.

Purotex Technology

Utilizing Purotex technology, this fabric incorporates natural probiotics encapsulated in microcapsules that release and activate upon friction, effectively enveloping your mattress from the first use. This chemical-free innovation harnesses the power of beneficial probiotics, akin to those found in yogurt and kefir, ensuring lasting cleanliness. Remarkably resistant to washing, it maintains the mattress's original hygiene levels for an extended period, offering a natural defense against dust mites without diminishing effectiveness over time.

Innovative Airflow for Optimal Moisture Management

Knitted with TENCEL™ Lyocell yarns, the Lyocell in Cairfull fabric gives the fabric a softer hand and also increases absorbency. TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber is a much more absorbent fiber than cotton, so it is much more absorbent to moisture. It gives a feeling of freshness thanks to its rapid removal from the skin. From certified sustainable forests is an environmentally friendly material.

Breathable 3D Fabric

The extra airflow provided by this fabric woven in three-dimensional micro springs provides unparalleled moisture management offers. Quickly evaporates excess moisture caused by perspiration and high temperatures for a dry and fresh sleep offers. Thanks to this fabric that contains more air, your mattress always remains hygienic.

Natural Protection Against Dust Mites!

Natural probiotics placed in micro capsules with Purotex technology from the first use It decomposes from its capsules with the effect of friction and becomes active and envelops your mattress. Without using any chemicals, With this natural innovation washing provided by the healthy probiotics found in the yogurt we eat and kefir we drink does not disappear and provides first day hygiene for many years.

spring level Soft

The core factor influencing the comfort level of mattresses is their spring system. Our uniquely crafted spring system features larger diameters to create a softer sensation, enhancing the mattress's ability to stretch and adapt.

This spring system responds to pressure with significant flexibility, contributing to a plush feel. Augmented by a low-density foam that complements this softness,

The You Soft Mattress delivers unparalleled comfort. It is ideally suited for individuals with a lower body mass index who prefer sleeping on their stomach or back.

spring level Medium

This spring system, featuring slightly narrower diameters compared to the soft mattress, achieves a medium level of flexibility. It merges a gentle initial softness with profound underlying support.

Crafted with high-density foam, this hybrid construction is ideal for those seeking a mattress that contours to the body without the sensation of being engulfed by it.

Providing a perfect equilibrium between support and plushness, this blend is adaptable for all sleep postures.

spring level Hard

The slender diameters of the springs produce a firm sensation by minimizing oscillation, ensuring an even distribution of body weight for the essential support needed throughout sleep.

This assembly, coupled with high-density foam, delivers superior comfort and robust support from the moment you lie down on the mattress.

It ensures ideal weight distribution for individuals with a higher body mass index and accommodates all sleeping positions effectively.

Individual Adaptation

Pocket springs are crafted by encasing each spring separately within the mattress's core, enabling them to move independently. This design allows for exceptional body contouring, as the springs adjust individually to body shape, ensuring even weight distribution and maintaining natural spinal alignment for optimal support.

Harmonious Sleep

The construction of this spring system involves the interconnection of individually encased springs, creating an independent movement system. Only the springs under direct pressure move, significantly reducing motion transfer. This feature ensures that individuals can enjoy an undisturbed sleep, even when sharing the bed, as movements are isolated.

Customizable Firmness in You Mattress Spring System

A standout characteristic of the You mattress spring system, setting it apart from others, is the ability for individuals to select a spring mechanism that matches their preferred firmness level from a range of options with varying degrees of hardness. This feature allows users to tailor the foundation of their bed to their specific preferences and comfort requirements.

Uniform Support with Continuous Spring Panel

Our mattresses are crafted with a spring panel that extends from head to foot without losing shape, ensuring spring support is uniformly felt across the entire mattress. Ultra Edge spring technology guarantees consistent firmness throughout, offering seamless support for every part of the body.

Enhanced Breathability for Comfortable Sleep

By eliminating edge foams, these springs create an unbounded spring surface that not only supports but also enhances mattress breathability. This design significantly reduces heat and moisture retention beneath the body during sleep, fostering a cooler, drier, and more comfortable sleep environment.

365 Days Trial for Peace of Mind!

You have exactly 1 year, 365 days or 8760 hours to decide...

Click here for more information!
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Have you used it in 365 days and not been satisfied?

No problem, it's easy to return

We pick up your bed at the door

You can create your return request by contacting us easily

We refund the amount you paid immediately

Do you still have questions?

Yes, the mattress cover can be machine washed following the provided care instructions.

The mattress will fully expand and take its intended shape within a maximum of 48 hours.

The package contains your mattress compressed in roll pack form and the selected cover. Once the mattress begins to expand and shape up, you can then fit the cover onto it.

Follow the setup instructions provided in the images through the link below.

Refer to the User Manual

Your mattress is shipped to you compressed and rolled up in a roll pack format.

The option for double-sided use in mattresses typically depends on seasonal variations, with different sides tailored for summer and winter use. However, the fibers and materials selected for our mattresses are designed for all-season use, eliminating the need for flipping them top to bottom. Therefore, you can comfortably use your mattress throughout the year, across all seasons, by simply rotating it from the foot end to the headboard, ensuring its longevity.

Our policy does not allow for direct mattress exchanges. However, you are welcome to return your mattress and then proceed to purchase a new one if desired.

To initiate a return for a mattress purchased within 305 days, excluding the initial 60-day adjustment period, you should first reach out to our customer service to request a return. Upon approval, you'll return the first mattress. Should you decide to select a different model or size for your second purchase, we will calculate any price difference between your original mattress and the new choice. If your original purchase was more expensive, we will issue a refund for the difference. Conversely, if your new selection is pricier, you will need to pay the additional amount. Once this is settled, we'll process the order for your new mattress and arrange for its delivery.

If you decide to return a mattress for the second time after having previously made a purchase and requested a return, there will be a 30% deduction from the price of the second returned mattress, with a 70% refund issued to you. The 365-day trial period applies exclusively to your initial mattress purchase. For any subsequent exchanges or returns beyond the first mattress, a 30% deduction will be applied to each product returned.

To initiate a mattress return, you must initially reach out to our customer service team. Following that, your return request will be handled accordingly. Upon receiving your mattress, please ensure to pack it in the spare bag provided with it before handing it over to the return team. Please note, Hibboux may apply a deduction for any returns dispatched without using the provided bag. There is also an extra fee for replacement return packaging.

Our returned items are stored in warehouses and periodically shipped to factories for the purpose of recycling.

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