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Baby Nest Mattress

2.999,95 ₺ 5.999,90 ₺
50% Discount
+%5 Money Transfer Discount

● Pocket spring system provides ideal hardness support
● Moisture-absorbing, bacteriostatic, soft-touch fabric with natural Milky fabric
● Practical cleaning opportunity with zippered, machine-washable cover
● Suitable for use in 4 seasons
● Height: 17cm (+/-1)
● 100 Days Trial, 2 Years Warranty
● 10 Years Warranty on Spring Carcass

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Shipping in Germany

All orders placed before 14:00 will be dispatched via DHL Express or Freight Cargo, based on the mattress size. Your package will be delivered within three working days from the order date. We offer free shipping for all mattress orders.

100 Days Return Policy

We are committed to the quality of our products and believe that both you and your child will be pleased with your new Hibboux items. If, however, you are not content with your mattress, we accept returns of any mattresses bought through our website within 100 days from the purchase date. You will have received a plastic sheet with your delivery to repack the mattress for return. After your return request has been logged with our customer service team, we will notify our transport company, which will then reach out to set up a pick-up date. Refunds will be issued to the original form of payment after we have received and processed the returned item in our warehouse. The time frame for the refund to appear in your account may vary between 5 to 10 working days, depending on your original payment method. If you have more questions you can visit our page.

3 instalments for all products without maturity difference

You can view the detailed instalment table on the basket page and at the payment step.

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What's inside?

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Natural Probiotic Hygiene with Purotex Technology

The mattress integrates Purotex technology, which employs natural probiotics encapsulated in microcapsules that activate upon initial use through friction. This eco-friendly innovation infuses your mattress with the same beneficial probiotics found in yogurt and kefir, maintaining first-day hygiene for years without fading through washes and without chemical additives.

Breathable Comfort with Spacer Fabric

The mattress features specialized spacer fabric along its sides, designed with mini air channels that allow exceptional airflow from the outside in. This design not only protects your baby from dust mites and allergens but also keeps them dry and comfortable by eliminating moisture and sweat throughout the night.

Probiotics vs. Mites

Incorporated within the mattress fabric, millions of probiotics form a protective barrier, effectively consuming the nutrients dust mites rely on, thereby preventing their accumulation. Since mattresses can harbor dust mites that thrive on dead skin, hair, and a moist environment, this natural approach significantly reduces potential allergens and maintains a cleaner sleep surface.

Spinal Support in Baby Mattresses

For newborns and beyond, baby mattresses need to be firm to support spinal development, prevent sinking, and preserve the spine's natural curve. A high-density foam layer ensures the required support for your baby's needs.

Nest Mattress for Pressure Point Relief

The Nest mattress is engineered to offer optimal support aligned with your baby's pressure points, ensuring they experience peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Its unique combination of comfort layers and springs adapts perfectly to your baby's body contours.

Individual Pocket Spring Design

Pocket springs are encased individually within the mattress core, allowing each spring to move independently, conforming precisely to body shape. This design ensures even weight distribution, maintaining the spine's natural curve.

Independent Support System

Formed through the interconnection of individual encased springs, this system ensures only the springs under direct pressure move, providing a zoneless support system. Tailored to your baby's unique pressure points, it delivers the necessary support.

Enhanced Edge Sealing

The mattress is finalized with a supportive edge frame covering all sides, boosting durability through a special formula. This design ensures a comfortable and secure sleeping area for your baby.

Reinforced Mattress Edges

Prevents the quickest wearing sections from deforming, ensuring the mattress remains shape-consistent and supportive over time, allowing for undisturbed sleep without the risk of leaning or slipping at the edges.

100 Day Trial for Your Peace of Mind!

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Choose the most suitable mattress for your baby.

Not Satisfied? No problem, it is extremely easy to return

We collect your bed at the door

You can create your return request by contacting us easily

We refund the amount you paid immediately

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Do you still have questions?

The lifespan of the Baby Nest mattress varies based on your child's height and the bed size, beginning from infancy. Suitability changes with the child's physical growth. Additionally, it's recommended to replace the mattress every seven years for best use.

Roll-packed mattresses significantly reduce transportation costs due to their reduced volume, thereby offering cost savings to the end consumer in terms of the product's selling price.

Before initiating the roll-pack process, the products undergo extensive testing. Research and development efforts focus on assessing the impact of roll-packing on the products. Only after these thorough, months-long studies yield positive outcomes is the final decision on production made. All Hibboux brand roll-packed mattresses are produced in alignment with these positive findings, ensuring that the springs, fabric, and layer features are all optimized for this process.

If you decide to exchange your purchased mattress for a different one within the first 100 days, start by reaching out to our customer service to file an exchange request. Once your request is processed, the original mattress will be returned. If you opt for a different model or size, the price difference between the old and new mattress will be settled accordingly: you'll either be refunded if the new mattress is cheaper, or you'll pay the extra if the new mattress is more expensive. After payment adjustments, the replacement mattress will be ordered and dispatched to you.

If you decide to return your purchased mattress for an exchange, 30% of the cost of the replacement mattress will be deducted, and you will receive a refund of the remaining 70%. The 100-day trial period applies solely to the initial mattress purchase. For any subsequent exchanges or returns beyond the first mattress, a 30% deduction will be applied.

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