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Greeny Bamboo Bedding Set

2.999,90 ₺ 6.699,80 ₺
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● Fabric type: 70% Cotton - 30% Bamboo, 63 Wire Satin Fabric
● Filling material: 30% Bamboo - 70% Nano Fibre Filling, 900 gr
● Package Contents of Single Set: 1 Piece 50x70 cm Pillow + 1 Piece 155x215 cm Quilt
● Package Contents of Double Set: 2 pieces 50x70 cm Pillow + 1 piece 195x215 cm Quilt
● 30 Day Trial, 2 Year Warranty

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  • Wash your product in the washing machine in accordance with the washing instructions below.
  • Spread dry

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30% Bamboo 70% Cotton outer fabric with extra soft touch. Anti-allergenic 30% Bamboo, 70% Nano Fibre filling with feather feeling


Naturally hygienic and anti-allergenic

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Do you still have questions?

All our adult pillows are 50x70 cm in size.

The zip covers on Hibboux bamboo pillows can be machine washed at 30 degrees in accordance with the washing instructions. After spinning at the lowest speed, you can use the cover by putting it back on the pillow. The cover is like a cover that protects your pillow with a special structure containing bamboo in addition to its high weight inner filling. In this way, washing the cover will be enough to clean your pillow. It is recommended to ventilate the inside of the pillow periodically.

Bamboo raw material is a plant origin raw material called cellulosic. The weight strength of these cellulosic fibres obtained from the bamboo plant is not very high, they have low strength structures with the effect of being soft. However, even a small amount is sufficient for the product to show bamboo properties. For this reason, cellulosic fibres are mixed homogeneously with Nano Fibre to provide a suitable level of softness and strength and are used in pillows in this way.

Nano fibre is a technological fibre that shows the feeling of down but is produced without harming any animal or the environment in any way. It provides full performance when mixed with cellulosic fibres such as bamboo, Tencel Lyocell and supports the properties of all cellulosic fibres thanks to its air permeability.

The raw material weight of our bamboo pillows is 900 grams. At the point where you think that the pillow does not fit your sleeping position, you can adjust its height according to your neck by removing the filling from the zip cover. We recommend that you keep the raw material you remove. If the product loses its strength in long-term use, you can place the filling material you previously removed from the inside back inside, so you can use your pillow comfortably for a long time.

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